after i got the plague i got a little lazy with blogging again. we’ve not really had any excitement lately, and the weather has sucked, so there’s been nothing to really say.

march is half over and i’m quite excited because april should be fun! ben’s birthday is on the 2nd, and then the 4th is our original anniversary from when we were teenagers, and we are mushy so we count it as if we never broke up. later in the month i will get to meet my boss for the first time in person! she has been traveling for a couple of months now, going to conferences all over the place and she is planning to stop by for a day. we are going to take her to mayberry!

vincent has been chatting up a storm and its hilarious. some of the things he tries to repeat come out sounding like other things.. which i giggle about.. because i am immature. but really after he got over the talking hump he has been going non stop! i’m so excited to hear him speak! we have been going through a lot of changes with him lately, including buying him actual plates and dismantling the crib!

the crib has been in our bedroom for so long, that now that its gone i feel like there’s this awful empty space on my side of the bed, i need to work on that at some point. vincent’s car bed finally has a mattress in it, but its not being slept in quite yet. the most i can get out of him is sitting on it briefly. we’re working on it.

this blog post feels like its missing something. so here is a cute picture of vincent.

vincent caught some kind of monkey flu from chuck e cheese… except he never really acted sick. he was running around like normal, then just stopped in his tracks and started puking every where.. and this happened about 3 more times and then he went to bed. when he woke up and was still a barf machine i took him to the doctor, who basically just told me to starve him and give him pedilyte. he was not thrilled but he was feeling better. i on the other hand contracted his monkey flu the next morning.

where vincent was as hyper as ever, i became a human sloth. i could not move, or talk, or really see.. everything was dizzy and gross. and of course ben was on the road so i was stuck alone with vincent. where were the people who said they would help me out and always told me to call if i needed them? they declined my invitation to assist me… so i basically just had to let vincent cry in a crib most of the day (it was next to my bed, don’t freak out on me) while i laid there feeling like death. yes of course i managed to get up and carry him to the changing table for a diaper now and then but even that felt like carrying a small elephant a mile or two..

vincent and i are feeling better but i am still kinda weak. now ben’s sick so i still don’t get any help. i’ll survive though.. i always do.

a good friend of mine’s son turned 2 yesterday and to celebrate she decided we should all load up and take a trip to chuck e cheese in the nearby city (by nearby i mean an hour away). so we went and while i haven’t been to chuck e cheese since i was a small child, i figured it was going to be hell but also fun and hey free pizza… vincent doesn’t get to be around kids much, which sucks, but most of my friends had kids early so they are all way older than vincent. so when there is an opportunity for him to be around kids i jump on it, even if it will leave me exhausted and frazzled.

it was a mad house, and even our hostess was kind of shocked by the sheer chaos tightly packed into this building. we ate pizza and cake, we took pictures, and we got the hell out of there.



vincent did enjoy himself, but he was maybe a bit too young for the place. he obviously can’t play an arcade game yet so all he really got to do was ride some kiddie rides and sit in my lap while i played a couple of games. we didn’t win many tickets cause i was too busy with him to play the games that spit out tickets, but i was able to get him a little inflatable sword, and then i ended up buying him a chuck e cheese toy.

we probably won’t do that again for a very long time!

his first snow

we had our first actual snow of the year a couple of days ago! we’ve had plenty of winter weather but most of it was gone by lunch time, so when this hit i was excited to take vincent out to explore in the snow. he enjoyed it and was very upset when i finally had to drag him in the house. i hate being cold but i love the snow. if i could just have snow without the face burning winds and frozen fingers i’d be in heaven. sadly we only got one good day of snow, it started melting the next day, completely gone now. now we just have the cold.. and the wind. not fun.

who cares? right? well i haven’t painted my nails in several years (like 5 or 6?) so for me this is a big step forward. part of my goal this year is to put more effort into my appearance. of course that isn’t working out too well because anyone who has a small child will tell you, there’s not much time to do anything for yourself. but the other day i got 3 free zoya nail polishes and snuck in a tiny manicure while vincent had his nap.

zoya "claudine"

my nails are not spectacular, but i did a pretty good job for someone who hasn’t painted her nails for so long. of course my polish is wrecked now, chipping in several places, but i did not invest in a top coat, so 3 days later they are not too pretty. still i am proud of myself for taking the time to do it, and i’ll buy some top coat later on.

next on my list is to buy more outfits that do not consist of tshirt and worn out black jeans.

i had some “goals” for this year and i’ve already kinda borked out on all of them. i wanted to blog more, and well.. this is the first blog of the new year. nice going jenny… i wanted to vlog, but so far i have yet to record a damn thing, mostly because i found out my new camera only records in one minute segments, and i still have to figure out how to change that. so yeah, i apologize in advance, i have already failed you new year.

in my defense, there hasn’t been much to talk about. its that boring lull time where the holidays are over, and nothing really exciting is going on. another of my goals was to take vincent outside more, but that’s failing without me even trying because the weather has been crap here lately. its nice and sunny today, so maybe we can make it out there later.

i really don’t know what to do with this blog, i feel bad that i can’t seem to come up with posts these days! hopefully something exciting will happen for me to entertain you with. right now i have to go be mom.

i forgot to blog the rest of giftmas. it was a great morning, and vincent was very excited to get his new stuff. we didn’t really get him much because he got some big expensive presents and he has enough toys for 12 children. he got a nabi jr tablet which is mostly for distraction at doctor offices and restaurants currently, an authentic metal radio flyer red wagon, a thomas bath robe, a set of thomas books, and a thomas fork and spoon set. yes i am feeding his addiction…



ben got me the camera i mentioned in my last blog, and 3 minecraft plushies! i got an enderman, a pig, and a creeper.all three are chilling on the shelf over my desk at the moment. from me, ben got what he asked for, a box set of back to the future movies. i kinda feel bad that my present is kinda lame compared to what he got me but he never gave me any other suggestions!

after we opened presents, and took a little nap, we went out to the family gathering ben’s mom’s side of the family was having. i didn’t really get any photos there except the one of vincent playing with his nabi, because i was busy chasing him around the room most of the day.


after a bunch of family time we went home and i made ham for the first time ever! it kicked ass. coca cola and brown sugar for the glaze. so good!

over all this is probably one of the best giftmas days i ever had.

now its the end of the year and like last year, new years eve is going to kinda suck. ben will most likely be on the road, which means i will spend all night worrying about him. i will probably just spend the night hugging vincent and then after he goes to sleep, fart around online and keep myself busy till bed time. not a very exciting life i know, but eh.. i’m 32, i guess its time to be boring.

until 2014!

last photo of the year

so here it is giftmas morning (its 12 am so.. technically?) and i’m awake, unable to sleep, i have no idea why i am even excited, i already got my present!

ben got me a nikon coolpix to replace my old dying camera. its taking some getting used to but i am starting to understand the settings. its still a point and shoot, hopefully someday i can splurge and get a nice fancy camera and be like all the cool moms who take pretty pictures. until then i am armed with a nice point and shoot and lightroom.

mommy got a new cameramommy got a new cameramommy got a new camera

of course vincent was my test subject for the new camera. i still have to figure some settings out to make sure i’m not blinding him or getting nothing but a boy shaped blur, but its pretty nice.

later that afternoon we went to ben’s half brother’s house for their holiday breakfast dinner. they had an amazing feast of food and then we played some silly games and had presents.

xmas eve with ben's half brother and familyxmas eve with ben's half brother and familyxmas eve with ben's half brother and familyxmas eve with ben's half brother and familyxmas eve with ben's half brother and family

as usual i did not take nearly enough pictures of stuff because i was too busy living in the moment. i read an article the other day that said that a lot of us miss out on things because we are too busy trying to capture the moment on our electronic devices. well not this girl.. i am always the one with hardly any photos of my adventures. i guess in the end that’s a good thing. the photos i did get were of vincent’s cousin and vincent’s great.. something or another.. i have no idea what relation she would be, she’s ben’s half brother’s mother in law lol, anyway they are playing some weird game where people have to shove balloons into panty hose and the first to get the hose on their head wins a prize. it was really funny to watch and vincent just kept interrupting them to steal balloons out of the box.

we had gifts and i was really not expecting anything but i got a set of bowls, a little glass teddy bear, and some cookbooks. ben’s dad never knows what to get me but its the thought that counts. the bowls and cookbooks will come in handy!

vincent got a few books, a couple of beanie babies, a jacket that is way too big for him but he can grow into it later, and the greatest gift of all: a huge family to run around with and have fun with.

tomorrow (or later today depending on when you are reading this) we are going to open presents when we wake up, get dressed and ready and go to a church (blah..) to subject vincent to more hugs and kisses from a bazillion family members and eat a bit more. then we’ll come home and i will be making my first ever ham! i am excited and scared! hopefully i can manage to take a few photos of that.


today is never a good day for me. it is a date etched into my memory thanks to painful loss. 5 years ago i awoke to a world covered in snow, usually a happy thing for me, but not this day. 5 years ago today i woke up to my mother sobbing, and people taking my father away on a stretcher for the last time. my dad hated snow, and the irony of his passing during a blizzard made me want to laugh, if i hadn’t been crying so hard.

there is nothing i can do, or tell myself, that ever makes this hurt go away. nothing dulls it, and in fact most things magnify it by multiples. i lost my strength and wisdom on this day. the person who guided me though life, showed me the right way to live, and was there when i needed someone the most. he was my hero, he was my friend, he was my father. i see him everywhere and it hurts that i cannot have him in this world with me anymore. i am pained with the fact that he will never get to meet my son, he will never get to walk me down the aisle.

xmas 06